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Irene, thanks so much for asking about my appointment with the nephrologist.


I saw him yesterday and he said this is either a scleroderma flare affecting the kidneys, or it could be the prednisone that I've been on for a while (and am tapering). Either way he ran more labs and depending on those results, he was considering a kidney biopsy, ultrasound, etc... Since I have a heart cath scheduled for next week, he contemplated just admitting me to the hospital so they could just do alllll those tests, monitor the kidneys more closely, etc...


Well, this morning he called and my lab work was BETTER! Functioning improved from around 30% to 50-60%. He's going to put off doing a biopsy for now and do an ultrasound and labwork on Thursday to see what's happening.


This all started with me being short of breath. Saw a pulmonologist who after ordering an echo referrred me to a cardiologist who also referred me to a rheumatologist in light of my history of a CREST diagnosis who after checking my kidneys last week referred me to a nephrologist.


So I've been seeing a lot of 'ologists" and doing lots of tests and just trying to be patient. It was good for my sanity today to get good news. I hope the numbers continue to show that the kidneys are improving. I do get to keep tapering the steroids so if they have played a part in this, that can only help.


Anyway, after my long last post I thought I'd share some good news. Good labs and I have the okay to get off the pred (my rheumatologist wanted me to stay on 10mg/day but the nephrologist spoke to her and got her to agree I can get off of them completely). A really good day!


38 yr old mommy to 2 boys

Raynaud's, CREST diagnosed '96

Pulmonary Hypertension diagnosed Oct '07

GERD, Inefficient Esophageal Motility diagnosed Jan '09

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I can only imagine what you must have been going through. I am so glad to hear that things are getting better. Let us know how you keep on improving and also about the resultls of your cath.


Have a great day,



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Hi Maddy,


good to hear things are improving a little. Please keep us updated on how you are going.

I will hopefully be joining you in the prednisone tapering next week after I see my rheumatologist on Monday.


take care.

Hugs Irene

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