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Lump In Windpipe Area

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I have woken up this morning to another problem.... there is a lump in my windpipe area. I can feel something there when I swallow and even when I don't.

It doesn't hurt at all, but is annoying because I know it is there, it feels pretty large when I swallow.


Has anybody else had this?


Take care


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Hey Celia



As a result of ongoing reflux I have the sensation of a lump in my thraot when I swallow and even when I do, there still feels like there is something there. I am due for a gastroscope this week to evaluate a course of action.


Might be worth mentioning to your general practitioner or rheaumy.

Kindest Regards




Diagnosis Scleroderma-crest, Scolliosis, Asthma, ILD, Plueral Fibrosis, GERD, Hiatus hernia, Anticardiolipin positive, ANA positive


a little bent and broken and almost beyond repair!

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Hi, I occasionally suffer from the sensation of a something stuck in my throat, even though I know there isn't. In my case I think it is due to some dry food such as a piece of toast , bread crust etc causing a tiny scratch in the throat which feels much bigger than it is (rather like mouth ulcers always feel bigger than they are!). I find the sensation usually disappears after couple of days.


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