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Rationale For Forum Guidelines

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Rationale for Forum Guidelines

Yes, our guidelines are strict, no doubt about it, so all members should read them before joining, or certainly before trying to post a message. They are at: http://www.sclero.org/forums/index.php?act=boardrules


Our goal is to be a suitable place for people worldwide to find top notch scleroderma support and information. We have legal obligations as an international nonprofit to be nondiscriminatory. It is not discrimination if policies are broad and all-encompassing; it is discrimination if a policy gives preference to any certain group of people. People of every persuasion in the world can get scleroderma and our members encompass all religions, politics, and countries. Therefore, we have to always remain focused on what we have most in common, and not on what separates us.


We are not the word police; we are forum administrators for an international nonprofit agency. We are not a private site that can have free-for-all conversations, and we never will be, because we have legal obligations under our specific IRS nonprofit charter and Articles of Incorporation.


Our guidelines are intended to help keep us on topic, within the very specific limits of our mission and abilities.

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