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Is This Right About Ph?

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I saw my Cardiologist today as I mentioned in one of my recent posts, he has ruled out me having PH. He mentioned something that I wanted to run past you all, to see what you think.



About 9 months ago I had my first PFT (baseline) test and the results were good, everything above the normal range mark. Two months ago I had my second PFT, due to problems I am having with SOB and pain in the lungs when breathing.

The results for that second test was ok except for the Co Transfer factor - TLCO - and the KCO was at the lower limit of normal on this occasion.


My Cardiologist said that you can only have PH if your PFT is not normal.

Does this sound right to you?


I have been referred to see a Thoracic Specialist by my rheumatologist who I don't get to see for a couple of months.


Your thought or opinions are much appreciated


Take care


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Ced, I dont know anything about PH here is a link to get some information about PH


www.phassociation.org (Pulmonary Hypertension Association.)


I'm sure there is something on here to give you some insight about Ph as well. Take care, Sam


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