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Sat O2 Levels During A Heart Cath.

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I had to go see my general practitioner yesterday and before I went I was loking at some of my old test results. I found a couple things that seemd strange to me. During my heart cath my SAT O2 levels were: PA/EXERCISE 72.0, PA 79.7, RV 79.3, RA 78.4.


The normal is 90.0 - 100.0 My question is this. Has anyone else had such low reading during a heart cath and not have anything done for them as far as going on O2? When I showed this result to my Dr he ordered me a PFT right away. I go Monday. Also Do I need to make sure I have the 6 min walk after the PFT? Would not having that make a difference in my treatment?




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I haven't had a heart cath, so I can't say. Me being put on O2 was based on two things:


A short walk (about 15 - 20 feet) caused my 02 to drop from 98 to 84

Nightime readings averaged 86 or so


The readings were taken with an oximeter on the ear and finger respectively. When your 02 level drops it's harder on the heart, so the supplemental oxygen is prescribed to protect the heart as well as provide a better QOL.


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Hi Patty,

I've had a RHC. My oxygen levels dropped but not as low as yours. However, I just started pulmonary rehab and during my evaluation my oxygen levels dropped to 74. I was in the middle of a 6MW with oxygen set on 4 pulse and the nurse stopped the test because I wasn't getting enough oxygen. She gave me continuous oxygen at 6 liters and my oxygen was in the low 80's which is better... I guess.


I'm not a medical professional but A 6MW might be good... but with your numbers you may need oxygen...



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Sorry, I know you asked me to find my heartcath results, and I can't locate them. I don't think I got a copy of that test. I'll call you of M and see if I can get my doctor to send it to me.


As for the hall walk. My sclero specialists are adamant that I get one with every pft. And that I have a forehead probe instead of the fingerclip. Since we have vascular damage, especially to our appendages, we don't get an accurate reading with a finger clip. Well most of us, anyway.


I do seem to recall that my sat was at 98 before they took me in to do the procedure, though. make sure you take those old test results in with you next time, and point out your Saturation level to your doctor. I am so amazed that no one had ever called you about that. They don't usually let it go below 86-88 without suggesting O2.


Don't sit on this, make sure that your doctor didn't overlook it. No wonder you are so SOB.


We'll talk soon. I've been at work all day and am going to veg out in front of the tv. I just wanted to let you know that I did look for my test results.

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Warm and Happy to you! Vee

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