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Joint Aches And Pains

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I have not had those dreadful joint aches in a long time and I am wondering if it was just me and not the scleroderma. I hope it was just because I was very weak at the time I had those aches, from being in the hospital too long. Does anyone know what really causes those aches? Is it the skin tightening that causes it, is it? I have sine sclero and just trying to make sense of it all.



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I'm sorry your joints hurt! Ouch! Yes, Sclero can cause inflammation of the joints resulting in redness, pain and swelling. It's the same thing that's happening with our hands. My left hip and knee use to drive me bonkers, but I haven't had much problem with it in quite a while. On the link that I gave you there is a study that showed that IVIg treatment helps to reduce joint pain. Maybe that's why I don't have it - I've been getting IVIg treatments for 1.5 years for my polymyositis. What a nice little perk for it also to help eliminate joint inflammation. :D

I hope the pain goes away soon!

Big Hugs,

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Guest Jennifer


Thanks for the information. I am going to read it in a minute. I am NOT having joint aches at the moment, knock on wood. I am just feeling really lucky to not have them when I read so many people do....and just curious. I have had them in the past and I am hoping I am getting better...and that's why they've gone away. It's been about two months since I've had them.



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Jennifer, I envy you not having pain in a long time. I would be thrilled to go without pain for even a couple days. I don't know of it's the sclero, fibromylgia or osteoarthritis, but I don't have even one day pain free. And on the days that I have enough energy to actually accomplish something, I will suffer even worse for several days after. I hope you are able to stay pain free for a looonnnggg time. Take care, Sherion

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Hi Jen....

I have wondered that myself! I was diagnosed with fibro at first because of all the aches and pain. But since my Diagnosis of sclero and treatment with Plaquenil my pain level has dropped dramatically.


So I am not sure if the pain would come back if I stopped the med. or not....guess I am afraid to try.


Did you start on any meds that would relieve your pain?

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Hi Jen,


The achey joints have been one of my primary symptoms. Originally my doctor prescribed Vioxx for it, but when it was taken off the market he prescribed Celebrex. It has made so much difference in my pain levels! At my last appointment, my rheumatologist noted that most of my joints were swollen and the X-rays showed mild degeneration. Since it was just mild, however, he doesn't want to introduce a more aggressive treatment at this time. But I definitely have sore knees, fingers, elbows and hips.


I hope you remain pain free!


Warm wishes,


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Hi Jennifer,


I have wondered the same. Most of my aches SEEM to be muscular but I do get the occasional day when I have sharp hip pains and I've also felt heat and stiffness in my shoulders.


Sometimes its hard for me to tell if it's joint or muscular especially in my hips but when the pain is sharp I assume joint. I can also tell its joint pain when it affects my hands. Cold weather usually exacerbates it.


I'll knock on wood for you pain free days. I hope they last forever!


Take Care.


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I have daily pain. Joints and muscles. Hate it hate it hate it. :o And I hate to take medications unless absolutely necessary (not sure if I've figured out when that is yet) so I suffer with it most of the time.


I'm glad you don't have pain Jen!!


Love Sweet

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