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Heart Valve Leaking?

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Hi All:


A Bit About Me First;


I have been a member on the MSN sute for some years but was more of a lurker than a poster. I have also found this site valuable with learning all about my condition & have my story in the first book that was published.


I have CREST & show all symptoms except S & a few more that come with CREST.


This past 12 months I have had numerous things going wrong with my body but no-one will say whether it is part of the condition. My main troubles at the moment are my bowels, especially the severe pain I get almost daily & the loss of 3 stone in 3 months.


Anyway the main reason for posting today is 18 months ago I had the 1st routine ECG to check all was ok & that Sclero hadn't done any damage there.The Dr told me I had a slight murmur & blood was leaking out of a valve but it was nothing to worry about. As I'm sure most of do when were told this I did worry until I saw another Dr about something else & mentioned this, he reasured me by saying it is common, half the population have it & that it is considered normal.


Today I went for what I presumed was anther routine ECG only to be told my consultant wanted to check on the leak, make sure it wasn't worsening. He went into a little more detail & then tried to reasure me that it hadn't worsened. He actually admitted saying too much as he isn't the Dr.


So why if its normal are they keeping an eye on it?

What is the measurement they wanted?

After looking on the net it seems it could be connected to Sclero & maybe something to worry about. Obviously you then read the symptoms & start thinking, YES that happens to me.

Anyone else experience this heart problem & can explain in a little more detail & possible outcomes?

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Dynamic Debz,

Glad to see that you are posting after having been a browser for so long! Welcome!


It sounds like you have a good doctor! Any doctor that "wants to keep on eye on" something is working in your behalf. I too have shown slightly leaky valves in all my ECG's and I have one every 6 months. My first one was 3 years ago. From the reports, the leaking is staying consistent. My cardiologist said that the new ECG equipment is so sensitive that almost all ECG's some back with some degree of leakage.


However, this is a factor that needs to be tracked with scleroderma. With our massive collagen production it could cause the tissue in the heart (valves, conduction tissue and heart muscle) to stiffen. This would keep the valves from closing properly thus producing more and more leakage. So it's a good thing that your doctor wants to track it. As far as the measurement, I have no idea. It can actually been seen in the video of the ECG (a technician showed it to me once) and apparently there is a measurement as well. But I don't know what it is.


In reference to the problems you are having with your bowels - there is so much that can go on there due to SSc. Here is our bowel dysfunction page. Maybe you can find what's going on this information. Please bring this problem up with your doctor!


We hope continue to post. Please keep us up on how you are doing and any information that you find out from your doctor.


Big Hugs,

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