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Anybody With Hepatitis B?

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Hello all!! Saw my rheumatologist the other day. Not good. Told me I tested postive for HEPATITIS B. Another diagnosis to add to the list. I was on "the net" for hours trying to find out what I could. I guess HEP B is caused by the HEP B virus, which is caused by inflammation of the liver?

I've been on Methotrexate for quite some time. I've read that MTX can effect your liver. So, does anybody know if it could have caused the inflammation? Does anybody have any info at all that would be helpful? When I was at the Dr., and she told me, I didn't really respond well. I didn't know what to ask, what to say, what to think...just another diagnosis. She wants me to get tested again, at a different lab. She said "Lets just hope it's a mistake..." If I could only be so lucky :( Anyways, any info would be greatly appreciated!!


Everybody try to stay healthy & strong.


Kelly B.

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Hi, Kelly. You are half right. Hepatitis B (the link is from the Mayo site) is caused by the hepatitus B virus, but it is not caused by inflammation of the liver. It is an infectious disease transmitted through contact with the blood and body fluids of someone who is infected. It can cause inflammation of the liver, however. The article explains it all very well, so please do read it through so you can discuss it with your doctor. I would want a second test, too.

Warm wishes,



Carrie Maddoux

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