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i just wanted to check in and wish you all a wonderful day. fall is my favorite time of year. i'm really making myself stop and look around and notice everything about it that won't last too much longer. the leaves are beautiful here in washington. halloween decorations are up everywhere. it's fantastic.


i spend so much of my time looking down, especially when I'm walking, that I forget to look up and take in all that's beautiful around me.


so, if only for a few moments today, please stop and take a look around. i hope you find yourself smiling.


warm hugs to you all,


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Hi yogabear,


I agree with you completely it is very beautiful this time of season.

Iam visiting my sister here in Olympia and see has wonderful trees all around her. Iam from a small town in Utah called Bear River City and it's a great place but here in Washington it's like your camping in the big forest and the smell is wonderfull also. Here it always smells like the holiday season.


Thanks for the reminder to just look around and soak the wonders of nature all in.




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I'm with you on that... Washington is a very beautiful/colorful state!

Here... in Montana, the fall colors are the prettiest I've seen in a few years. We're ahead of normal for moisture, so this has added to the beauty, no doubt :rolleyes:


Day before yesterday, I raked the leaves and bagged them and got the lawn mowed... (It was to rain the rest of the week), so I wanted to get it done.

I could hardly move, there wasn't an inch of my body that didn't hurt, plus hubby accidentally jabbed me in the ribs a few times and my costochondritis "spoke right up"... It's so frustrating <_< , because I've always loved yardwork.

Anyway, the next am I got up, looked outside and my heart sunk :( ... It looked just exactly like it had before... except the lawn was better groomed... heaps of leaves everywhere!

My mother said, "Well Susie, I guess you'd better get the rake back out"! (jokingly, of course) Next time will be when the leaves are completely off the trees ;)

Even still, I enjoy every day the leaves DO stay on the trees!lol


Hugs, Susie

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I totally agree! With all the colors and bird migrations, we need to keep our eyes and ears alert. I just wish it was a longer season.


Thanks for the reminder to look up!


Susie, try mowing your leaves rather than raking them. It's so much easier and since I use them for mulch in the spring, it chops them all up and gets them ready for next season. It's a lot easier on that poor back of yours as well.


Big Hugs,


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Hi friends,

i miss fall.

We have lived in AZ for 2 years and I am not ungrateful but I miss the big windstorms, the leaves, the rain and the cool air of Washington. There isn't too much much of fall here. At times it reminds me of the movie, Groundhogs Day in that everyday is the same, very little variety. The seasons are warm, hot and melting.


Send rain my way,


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I looked up yesterday and saw a bald eagle soaring in front of a rainbow. I was driving and had to pull over and just watch. The sky was dark purple and lit up by the sun. The eagle's white tail flashed in the sun as he changed directions.


A totally awesome sight! I actually got teary eyed. Yea, yea, I am a sap.


Thanks for the reminder.



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