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I could tell my doctor was disappointed when I told her I didn't do any regular exercise.


It's easy to be active in the summer. I just cringe when I think about going outside to walk or ride my bike in the cold, no matter how much I bundle up.


I also have motivational problems even though what could be more motivating than this disease? I get discouraged easily especially when my body aches. Exercise is the LAST thing I want to do.


I think I would do well with a club membership but they are so expensive I can't afford it. I also think I would use a treadmill or a stationery bike but my small house full of preschool toys would not accomodate it - they are also expensive.

(If my soon to be Ex would ever get the rest of his stuff out of the master bedroom then I coould swing it but who knows when that will ever be!)


Anybody have any inspirational, motivational secrets?

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Even in the summer I find it hard to motivate myself to exercise because it's just so physically hard! I do it because I've always been an daily exerciser. Now if I can go for a stroll 3 times a week, I'm thrilled. What I have done that has been successful for 1.5 years now is I have a very good friend that lives a few blocks away. Three times a week (year round) she brings her 2 dogs up the hill and we go strolling for about an hour. Lots of stopping for sniffing, peeing and catching my breath (for me the latter - :lol: ) but at least I'm out. On cold days there's not a piece of skin exposed and I breathe through a fleece scraf.


Recently I pulled out my pilates book and am slowly starting to do that again followed with a little yoga. It's floor pilates, not the one that needs all the equipment. I'm using it to get the strength back in my legs and arms from having lost it due to the polymyositis. It seems to be helping. Nothing I do is aerobic, but at least I'm moving. That's what is important right now. So just find something that allows you to move. It doesn't have to be fast movement, just movement. As you know, the hardest part is getting started. Start slow and soon you'll be doing more.


Big Hugs,


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Hi Barefut,


I love to do microwave exercises, coffee or tea walks (while the pot is brewing), computer boot up stretches, and on-telephone-hold walking. I also like to just set the kitchen timer and walk around in circles through the house, or dance a bit if I need a pick-me-up.


These are all little things, but they do add up. Although you can become completely exhausted if you end up on hold too long...so be careful with this approach.


An ex-hubby should be the best motivator of all to start shakin' it up a bit. You want him to eat his heart out that he was a stupid fool to leave you, don't you? And later on, after you've mastered the "little-cizes", maybe you will feel like adding more challenges to your routine.


I also use a very cheap (like $15) stretching program that pops up on my computer, whenever, and tells me what stretches to do -- and how to do them.

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I too have bought an excerise DVD, but yet to even open it!!! With 3 preschool kids in the house there is always something else to do!!!


Like other Shelley, I tend to walk around alot while I am on the telephone, and have started aqua walking in the local indoor pool, and I find if I make a time to meet my friend there, I usually stick with it because I don't want to let her down.


The motivation to actually get into my swimming gear takes ALOT of effort, just thinking about it makes me tired, but once I am in the nice warm pool, I wonder why I didn't do it sooner.


My main motivation key, is that my physio therapist tells me I HAVE to keep moving, keep the joints going or else in 10years I will walk stooped over and not be able to run after my kids......and I don't want that, I want to be a fun mother.


Still, sometimes I only managed to get out once a week for a swim, and other weeks I go 3 times. I take what I can get, and tell myself that even if its only once a week, its a start.


Work with your body, you know how tired and sore you are, just try baby steps for a while.



Big hugs,



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