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I was wondering if you guys could help me understand my lab results a bit better. I got a copy in the mail from my rheumatologist and I don't quite understand it.


The Ana result: 1:2560-1:10240

Pattern: Centromere

dsDNA autoantibodies: not detected

nRNP/Sm IgG autoantibodies: not detected

Sm IgG autoantibodies: not detected

SS-A: negative

SS-B: negative

Scl-70: negative

Ribosomal P Protein: negative

Thyroid Peroxidase: normal

C3 Complement: normal

C4 Complement: normal

Rheumatoid Factor: normal


If everything is normal, what ana am I producing and what does it mean?


Thanks ~~Tammy

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I think the centromere pattern points towards limited scleroderma and scl-70 points towards diffuse. HOWEVER, I am negative scl-70 and I have diffuse scleroderma, so it's not always the case.



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