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Somehow I started getting email notifications when there is a reply to one of my posts. I never 'signed up' for this and I've tried twice to unsubscribe but I got another email notification today.


I go to my controls, view subscriptions, scroll down to unsubscribe, and select no email notification then click the purple button next to that (I forget what it says) Do I have to put a check next to every topic listed and select? I did that just now. Will that work?


HELP! This is an important privacy issue with me as I have to share my computer with my soon-to-be-ex, so I need to fix it ASAP.




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I'm sure someone else will chime in but I think that when you write your message or new topic -- all the way down at the end -- there are 2 boxes that say something like "enable email notification or replies" If you keep this checked, then you get the email notifications. If you uncheck t his, then you do not. I'm not sure what you need to do to "undo" this once you have posted the message or topic. Gidget

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Hi Barefut,


Yes, that will stop all your email notifications for the ones you have already subscribed to. But you will need to make sure you don't end up with more subscriptions. Simply uncheck the box that is underneath the message compose area, which says "Enable email notification of replies" every time you compose a new message.


This box is automatically checked, because it is what most people prefer. Click OFF any options that you don't want.


Another important privacy issue is that all the messages we post on this board are public and can be accessed by anyone. You can go through and delete any of your own messages whenever you want, and you can also ask the forum administrators to edit any of your messages.


You can also change your screen name, which can help a little bit, too.

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Good topic, I have been trying to figure out why I keep getting them also. I didn't realize you had to unclick it every time you send a post. That is a bit of a pain. Oh well! Such is life. I wouldn't think most people would want 3 to 10 Sclero.org posts on their regular email messages daily. My husband was asking about that the other day. I try to keep them deleted several times daily so that if he checks for more messages or is waiting for one he doesn't get a bunch of my downloads. Thanks for getting the answer to another topic solved. Sheryl

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