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Calcium Deposits & Raynaud's

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Does anyone have hard nodules or lumps in front of your ankles, right below the skin....although you can't see them, you can feel them, they almost feel like bee-bees (only a little bigger). They are tender. Just wondered if anyone knows if those are calcium deposits (I'll ask the rheumatologist but that won't be until January).


Also, The rheumatologist says I have secondary raynaud's, but does any of this sound familiar to anyone.....


Ok, here's my confusion with Raynaud's...


Hands...they have never gone numb (not like my toes & balls of feet, where they're so numb that I don't even feel pain there). but they turn blue


Feet turn blue, but not from cold alone.....hands do the same. It happens when legs are crossed, or sitting on my knees or when feet are crossed, or when resting feet on a spindle of a stool (where the arch of my foot is resting on the spindle). Hands do it when bent at wrist or arms crossed.


Does anyone experience anything like that even when not cold? Also, I have never seen anything turn blue from stress.

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Yes, I get the same. Even the slightest restriction of blood flow to my feet will turn them blue - THEN they'll get cold.


I can't bend at the knees and rest my bottom on my heels or even sit "criss cross applesauce" :D Neither can I rest my arches on my recliner foot rest without feet going blue.


I also have the "BB's" under skin. I'm sure they are calcium as my rheumatologist said so. Sometimes they will get warm, red and swell a bit. I'm sure sooner or later they will try to pop out as I've seen photos and read posts...



I also get numbness in my feet but not my hands.


I have had my hands turn blue with stress but its usually got to be quite a bit of stress for that to happen.


You are not alone :(


Stay Warm,

Barefut :wub:

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I have calcuim deposits on my knees and forearms. I think you should show them to your doctor and see what he thinks. Secondary raynauds is what you have when you have scleroderma, or lupus with raynuads. Hope this helps. Sam

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Hello love!


Yep, I have the Raynaud's you are describing. It doesn't necessarily need to be cold for fingers and toes to turn blue or white, or lets see what other color to I have? lol


Just keep them warm! I even wear gloves inside the house sometimes.


Much love to you and one big WARM hug!



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