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Vee - Is That Pepper?

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There is a random photo of a dog that looks alot like your Pepper sitting under a table with the cutest hat! Made me think of you & yours!!!

Soft hugs your way,



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Hi Michele,


Yes, that is Pepper. She is sporting one of the hats that I crocheted last winter. Cami put it on her. Sorry I haven't been posting, been soooo busy. I just got done putting the topper of the tree skirt together, now I just have to bat it and back it and tie it. One project out of the way! :blink: Cami has States tomorrow, the band takes the field at 1:25. Happy thoughts for us, please. And our house just got TP'd about an hour ago, it was Cami's senior and her freinds. They left a poster on the house for Cami that said Go Cami and Good Luck tomorrow! Cute. Well at least when we clean it up, we can take the cobwebs from Halloween off the house at the same time! Baking all day on Sunday, I have to make 50 pumpkin rolls by Thanksgiving. The orders just keep comin'.


I hope you have more resting time than I do at the moment. Maybe I'll get a chance to talk to ya' sometime this weekend.


Take Care!

Happy people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have!


Warm and Happy to you! Vee

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