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Pft And Mri Results

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I am a bit nervous with my PFT results so I figured I would come here to ask my questions. My blood gases are as follows:


inspired oxygen 21

ph 7.41

PaCO2 42.00

PaO2 68.00

HCO3 26.60

Base excess 1.70

O2 saturation 95.10

Hgb 12.70

hbO2 89.20

COHb 5.50

METHb 0.70


what do the results mean? My general practitioner said my new rheumatologist may want to send me to a pulmanary Dr.


As for my MRI they found a very tiny something in my brain. It is 3mm and they think it could be sclero related. Because of how small it is I am not worried about this like I am my PFT. Any info you all can send would be great. I am a bit freaked out right now.




If Life hands you lemons, make lemonade.


Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Limited scleroderma, Dermatomyositis. Diastolic Dysfunction, dysphagia, Fibro, restless leg. Lupus is a maybe.

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Hi Patty,


I'm glad you're being guided toward seeing a pulmonologist. It seems your general practitioner could set up the app't... unless you are set to see your rheumatologist soon.


Like you, I'm at a disadvantage when it comes to translating PFT readings, but I'm glad to see that your general practitioner sent you to have a PFT.


As far as the findings regarding the MRI, your rheumatologist should be able to confirm/answer questions you may have.


I don't care for it when things aren't explained to satisfaction. While we're trying to digest what we've just been told, the dr's tend to move on to other things.


My new internist is great for answering questions, plus she always asks if I have any more questions. If I don't then, at least I know she'll answer questions at my next visit.


Please keep us posted, Patty.


Big Hugs to you,


Special Hugs,


Susie Kraft

ISN Support Specialist

ISN Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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I couldn't find a whole lot about ABG interpretation, but I did find a condensed chart on an on-line pedia source, both of which (me and the source carry a HUGE disclaimer). AnyWho - It didn't list all your values, but the ones it did address showed everything "normal", except for the PaO2 (pO2). The pO2 (as it labeled it) normal is 80 - 100. This is probably why your general practitioner wants you to see a pulmonologist. As much as I love my rheumatologist, he and I both believe in the importance of specialist! This looks like one of those things that you're catching early before it gets worse.


I'm not sure if this helps any, but it's good you'll be seeing a specialist. Please be sure to get the specialist interpretation and if you have time, please share with us. BTW - there was a great chart for interpreting ABG for dogs! :lol: It's a shame they can't make a site like that for people.


Big Hugs,

Janey Willis

ISN Support Specialist

(Retired) ISN Assistant Webmaster

(Retired) ISN News Director

(Retired) ISN Technical Writer for Training Manuals

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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