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Fatigue And Muscle Pain

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I am curious to find out if anyone knows if the terrible fatigue I am having is from the scleroderma or is it from the cyclophosphamide? I also have this terrible muscle pain that I have pain medication for but it still is really painful. Does anyone have this also?

I am also getting sores on my mouth and little red blotches on my arms. Are these from the sclero also?

I sure appreciate all of the sincere and caring support from people on this website. I look at it often and find it so very helpful. Thank you!.

Medical Diagnosis: Systemic Sclero / Sjogren's / Raynaud's / Hypothyroid also

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I sure can relate to your muscle pain. I was told it was from either the Scleroderma or the Fibromialgia, who knows. I just know it's there, always. I take pain medications, but they only make the pain somewhat bearable.


I don't know anything about your sores. I don't have any of those symptoms, thank heavens.


I hope this helps some what.



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I too also suffer from both muscle fatigue and random muscle pain. The muscle fatigue I had early in my diagnosis then it disappeared for awhile until I started taking Prednisolone. This is one of the side effects of this.


The muscle pain I have had for years it is in the legs, I usually take a strong pain killer for this.




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I have not been diagnosed with sclero, but I do have fibromyalgia so muscle pain is an everday event for me. I once woke up with such severe pain in my right shoulder I could not lift out of bed. I had to turn over slowly and push myself up with my left arm. It continued for 2 months. My doctor gave me Keflex which did not help. I have a bunch of little red dots and marks on my arms and chest area which occurred recently. My dermatologist told me they are normal for fair skinned people who get too much sun exposure. Sometimes they seem worse than others. Like they flare up or something. Fatigue is very common with sclero and other auto immune disorders.

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I forgot to mention I was on 10mg Lexapro and my insurance company is refusing to pay for it now so I have recently switched to Celexa and boy is it making my fatigue worse. These meds may make it worse anyway, but the switch is screwing with me.

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I got sores in my mouth while under treatment for Lymphoma and taking cyclophosphamide, but there were several other drugs, so, who knows.
Fatigue - often, and when I least expect it. I had big plans for a Saturday not long ago, but ended up sleeping all day!
Muscle issues come up on this board from time to time. Doctors I've spoken with don't seem to think that's related to scleroderma, but I think they are wrong. Too many have tight or painful muscles. I must stretch my leg muscles regularly, and I still don't have the range of motion of the average couch potato without sclero.

The only thing that seems to help is being very careful not to overdo it or stress muscles. Prednisone helped one time when I had it very bad, but there are plenty of reasons to avoid that drug if at all possible.

I've taken Effexor, and it didn't seem to cause more fatigue - but everyone's body is different.

Hope you are feeling better,


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