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Biopsy Results In ~ Morphea

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I am sorry about your toe. I love the way you look at it though.


I had a bad night last night, but a bit overwrought and let emotion take me. What did that do, it seems to have made the Lichen Sclerosis flare. BIG TIME.


Got a gander at it today with a mirror...ugh. Red, inflammed, the area above the clitoris irritated, the line along one vulval lip..ouchie.


Today is rheumatologist day for me.


I'm almost afraid to go!


OH...went to the dermatologist yesterday (boy howdy do I need a different one...he was so busy doing microdermabrasions, that my questions on how to treat my morphea, and the 4 new plaques that have show up...made him late for it...my husband was ANGRY over this). Got corisol injected into the plaques, and some spray he wants me to use that cost $400 at CVS.


Read the ingredients and it is the same strength and the same drug as I am using on my vulva in ointment form...I am not paying $400 for the spray. YIKES.


I hope you all have a beautiful day. I may go walking in the fall sun for a bit after the rheumatologist...hoping for positive things.



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