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Does This Make Sense (skin Stuff)

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I posted a bit back about my skin pulling tight & whether or not it was shrinking & I think I have figured it out! I haven't been diagnosed with Sclero, but ever since last fall (starting with Raynaud's) I have kept track of all the changes & time & time again the symptoms always lead me to slcero websites (when I research them.


Anyways, with my hands....I know with sclero the skin tightens & I was trying to figure out why my skin was having phases or moments of being really tight, like you can see it pulling taught (like webbing between my knuckles & lines gone on top of finger knuckles) & it is usually when I'm really cold. WELL...you guys probably knew this already but I had to research to figure it out.....skin shrinks when it's cold.... So here's my thought... my skin is getting tight, but not so noticable to me, the untrained eye, so when my hands are really cold & my skin shrinks more, it is pulled unusually taut than in the past when my hands were cold.... so the skin tightening at this point is noticable to me, only when my hands are cold.


Anyways....so that's my theory, it makes sense to me as to why the skin being that taut is only when my hands are cold.

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Hi love, You are describing my hands to a T and I'm not diagnosed either. Isn't it funny how subtle these things are but we still notice. My palms have become as hard as a rock by the wrist and I can't spread my fingers. I wake up with my hands in fists but during the day I have more movement and sometimes I'm thinking it's all in my head. My Dr. told me tho that the tightening starts at the finger tips and works it's way up the hand. This has got me thinking that it's not scleroderma but perhaps Duputryen's which runs in my family. That is a tightening of the fascia under the skin. I do have most of the other symptoms of scleroderma tho but my ANA is always in the pattern for lupus. Who knows, I guess time will tell. I've found it's best to just enjoy each day and not to worry about what may never happen.

Take care,

Hugs, Piper

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M skiny tightening is worse when my hands are dry. I also have calcium deposits on my fingers confirmed by an x-ray. I can feel them. I feel that this also makes my hands tight.



I have the bloodwork for Lupus. I was diagnosis 25 years ago. Also had the Raynaud's at that time. I have a positive ds-DnA which has been as high as 340. Ds-DNA is specific for Lupus.


But I have always been told I fit the MCTD and the CREST category. Shiny skin on fingers with ulcers on fingers. I do not have a positive Scl-70. My current rheumatologist did tests and says my diagnosis is Lupus with overlaps of limited Systemic Scleroderma and antiphospholipid syndrome. The APS is makes my Raynaud's worse. I have had ulcers and needed to have surgery on two fingertips.


Call me a Mixed Connective Tissue probably even though rheumatologist says the Lupus is my primary diagnosis. But rheumatologist says she has never seen anyone quite like me. I am on 8 different medicines to try and control the symptoms and progression of whatever I have.


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Hi Mary


It is great to see you. I don't post here often but I read the forum regularly.


No, I am not on Viagra. I started on Coumadin and the Coumadin healed the ulcers on my legs and fingers and controlled the Raynauds.


I am on Prednisone 10mg, Cellcept, Procardia ER, Vasotec, Plaquenil, Lipitor, Coumadin and Prevacid.


I just got the OK to taper Prednisone 1mg a month. I had chemotherapy of Rituxin one year ago and it brought my blood levels back into the normal levels. Rheum is hoping the Cellcept will keep it that way.



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