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Oxygen Reading Levels

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:unsure: I thought I made a post yesterday but apparently didn't. If this is a repeat I apologize.


My question concerns oximeter, the clip they put on your finger to measure your oxygen levels. I wonder if I am the only one with this.


In the last 6 months I have had 3 minor surgeries on my eyes. Tomorrow the other cataract is to be removed. Each time it is more difficult to get the oxygen level than before. Judging by that I doubt that they will be able to get one tomorrow. I have been told that no meter reading, no surgery. My oxygen is normal but the. problems centers around Raynadus. I think they have used every device they have. Last time they got one reading by putting it on my ear lobe, but only one reading.


I talked to the surgeon and he was not aware there is a problem. He said it won't be a problem and I just hope he knows what he is talking about. I am so anxious to have this cataract removed that it will be a disaster if it gets stopped.


The reaction of worker in the surgery makes me think they just don't see this happening..


I think tomorrow ASAP I will ask them to check and if no reading give me a way to warm my hands. I hope that will work.


Is this unfamiliar ground? As many people as there are I would not think this to be rare. I asked the pulmonary doctor and he said that I do not have a problem. I thought he might give me a statement saying my oxygen levels are good. I see a big problem if they won't do the surgery.


Anyone have any good ideas?


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I always have a problem getting an oxygen reading due to my Raynaud's. In fact, Thursday night they are sending me home with an oximeter to get a recording of my O2 levels while I sleep. My pulmonary doctor said they would have to use a sensor that sticks to your forehead because she doesn't trust the one for the finger nor the ear. You might ask about that.


In reference to surgery and O2 reading, I don't know what the rule of thumb is there but I do know that when I had surgery to get my pacemaker, they couldn't get a reading no matter what they did. It didn't stop the surgery. I hope you are able to get your cataract surgery and can work it out with the surgeon or find a way to get a reading. Wrap your hands around a cup of hot tea for about 5 minutes prior to the testing. Maybe that will do it. Good luck Darling! Let's us know what happens.


Big Hugs,

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So glad to hear that news! You certainly don't need any additional stress of not knowing.

I hope the surgery works for you. My mom had cataract surgery recently and it has made a huge difference.

Good luck and let us know how you do.

Big Hugs,

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Make sure you tell them that you need a forehead probe! Everyone with Sclero should have their O2 read that way. With our thick skin and raynaud's there is no what they can get a true reading in our fingers. If you call ahead before your appt.s, you can request that they have one ready for you.


Warm and Happy to ya' Vee

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Guest Jennifer

Hi Vee!

That scares me that my pulse oximeter may not be accurate in it's readings. I think I have the Raynaud's under control and I do not have skin issues..so how close to accuracy do you think mine is? I never wear nail polish on the finger that I use to read. Some say that matters, others don't, so I don't take a chance.

How have you been!!!!!? I've missed you.


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Hi Jen,


I'm hangin' in there! If you've got yoour raynaud's under control and don't have the skin issues, then maybe your fine with the finger clip. But we never really know what is going on inside. Maybe you could have your O2 checked by forehead when you go to the doctor's and compare it with the numbers you are getting. Just once in a while to make sure you are ontop of it! Hope you are doing great!

Take Care and stay warm and Happy! Brrrrr, Michigan winter is just around the corner! :(

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Obtaining an oxygenation reading on a finger has always been a problem when I have surgery. They end up getting the reading on my ear lobe. Next time I will mention that a forehead sensor should be used. I have read that these may not be accurate. Does any one know how accurate they are?



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