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Does Anyone Have Any Questions For Me To Ask...

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I apologize, I don't know what PT stands for, but ask about Methotrexate. My rheumatologist has prescribed this to loosen the tightening of the skin.


If you have the constant rising calcium deposits and the scabs it produces, ask about Colchicine. I stopped taking the Colchicine for about a month, and the calcium deposits erupted without mercy. I started taking it again today.


PS: Like the new pic :)



It is what it is...........

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My PT taught me exercises for flexibility, muscle and joint movement and then some stretching exercises. She also gave me some of those rubber bands for upper body strength but with the warning of not to push it due to my polymyositis. I would suggest telling the PT your symptoms and ask for help to reduce them. Let us know how it goes and what you learn.


I LOVE your new picture - BTW.


Big Hugs,

Janey Willis

ISN Support Specialist

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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I have found a lot of success through PT and OT but the process has required me to educate my therapist about scleroderma. A lot of PTs primarily work with injuries that people heal from and so treating someone with scleroderma will be different for them. Our "injuries" to the musculoskeletal system are caused by our intrinsic disease that unfortunately does not go a way.


Diffuse Sclero

dx Jan 2006

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I am a physical therapist so hopefully I can give you some insight here. You need to learn flexibility exercises for both upper and lower body. If you have loss of motion at any joint, esp the hands which is common in us, have the therapist teach you range of motion exercises. Learning diaphragmatic breathing is a good tool to have to help with pain and to aid in maintaining lung function. Simple strengthening exercises that work on posture and what is know as your core are very good in helping people with neck and back pain. If your pain is chronic, you can get set up with a home TENs unit.


Most PT's don't know about sleroderma....things to mention to them are that you can overdo it if you exercise too much causing more problems. Unlike most folks, we shouldn't push past the pain or past exertion. Let them know if general fatigue is a problem....getting set up with a good cardiovascular routine (treadmill and bike) will actually help.


let me know how it goes.

Tammy, PT

- diagnosed with systemic scleroderma '02

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Make sure the physical therapist will do a lot of stretching with you and not just put you on machines. I have a great PT who really takes her time stretching me and then has me do a series of exercizes. It has really helped me alot. Good luck to you!

ISN Artist

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