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I know the PFT stands for Pulmonary Function Test, but how do the doctors perform this test? Do you get blood drawn? I noticed about 4 months ago that I am getting out of breath climbing stairs, sweeping, and my heart rate seems to be faster. I have an appointment with my rheumatologist next Monday, can she give me the test? Thank you in advance for you replies.


Marissa :)

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I just had a PFT test done last week. I have had several of them in the past. It is usually done at a hospital or a pulmonologist's office. You breath into a machine following the test adminestrators directions. "Breathe normally, take a big breath in, let it out all the way." The hardest part is getting the mouth piece in our small scleroderma mouths, the first time I had the test I could hardly get the mouthpiece in. The past couple of time haven't been a problem, I guess my mouth has gotten bigger. If you have trouble you could ask for a pediatric mouthpiece. Hope this helps.

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My rheumatologist can request a pft, but the actual test is done at the pulmonary clinic by a respiratory technician specially trained for this test. It's a very non-invasive test. You just sit there and breath in and blow out into a tube when the technician tells you too. The hardest part for me is the "take a deep breath, hold it, hold it, hold it, now blow out HARD - harder, harder, harder." I never get to the first "harder" because as soon as she tells me to blow out, I start coughing. There are a couple of different tests and from this little tests they can provide ALL that information listed in the link Sweet provided. It's pretty amazing.


Let us know how it goes.


Big Hugs,

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