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New! - Back Of Throat Problem!

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Something new started this afternoon and I am wondering if it is related to the sclero and my esophagus / acid refulx problems with the sclero.


I have this irriation / tickle in the back left of my throat that I can't get rid of. I keep trying to clear my throat; cought; or drink water to get rid of it to no avail.


I have to drink what they call GI Cocktails for my acid reflux if it acts up really bad and I am wondering if this has somehow now irriated the back of my throat. I just had an endoscopy and have to have one ever year and it showed the early signs of Barrett's Syndrome on the esophagus from the acid reflux / sclero but nothing was said about my throat. I also had the PFT test done in October and have another one in April as it shows some early signs of lung involvement.


Just wondering if anyone else has this and what I should do. It's already really annoying. I can't even hold a conversation as any air or talking really irritates it.


Thanks for any input.


Stay Warm and Happy Early Thanksgiving!



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Hi Peggy,

I too also suffer from this problem, it seems to come and go though.

I had the flu a couple of months ago and towards the end of me being sick with the flu I had terrible irritation of the throat, almost like my throat was being tickled by a feather :blink: .


I have noticed though that this past week the irritation is back, not as bad as before but still it is there. I'm not sure what causes it but it is handy to have lollies around as sometimes I can dry wretch from it all :unsure: .


Take care


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