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I just recently started treatment with Tracleer, drug used for pulmonary hypertension. So far my side effects have been loss of appetite and pretty bad nasuea. Right now I am on 62.5 mg twice a day. To be on this dosage x 1month and then increasee to 125 mg 2x/day. I was wondering if anyone out there is on this medicine also and how they are tolerting it? And how long did it take before you felt better. Thanks, Tammy

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I've been on Tracleer for almost 4 years now & I never had any side effects. Better yet I call it my miracle drug. I can walk further & faster & the constant pain in my finger tips is almost non-existant. I also take "tylenol arthritis" so my liver test is important & is done every 3 months now. No problemo!


However, we may all have Sclero but diff meds for everyone & tolerances all different as well.


Good luck

John L

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I've been on Tracleer for a year. Six months at 125 mg twice a day, then reduce to 62.5 mg twice a day last April. No side effects and my liver results are normal. My PA pressure has dropped and I don't get as SOB. The extra benefit has been that it's really helped relieve my Raynaud's as well.

Good luck to you!


Big Hugs,

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Are any of you guys also taking Coumadin with the Tracleer? I was speaking with one of my patients who is on Coumadin and he described his stomach symptoms actually like what I have and his started with the Coumadin. So I am wondering if maybe this is it? Thanks for responding..good to hear from those who have had postive effects from the drug.


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I take Coumadin along with Tracleer (and Neurontin [peripheral neuropathy], Prazosin [minipress], Evoxac [sjogren's] and another pain reliever for peripheral neuropathy. No stomach problems or other side effects. I take the Coumadin at night before bed.



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