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1 (4oz) can of baby shrimp. You get it near the tuna fish at the grocery store.

1 (4oz) package cream cheese.

You just smash the baby shrimp on a plate. Takes a couple minutes. Very easy.

Then you use a softened cream cheese. You smash that into the shrimp. You can serve it just like that. You can add a very small teeny tiny minced bit of onion for a variation. My family likes onion so I usually put maybe equal to a heaping teaspoonful into the mixture. Refrigerate and serve as a cracker spread. Smooths nicely on crackers. You can use it for vegetables also if you prefer.


Another variation is to add jalapenos minced very, very small and also you can chop up pimentos. This is very holiday looking. I prefer just the standard shrimp and cream cheese. Try it you'll like it. Sheryl

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Ooh, I do this, too. I use red onions because they taste a bit different and look nice. I also add a teaspoon or so of light mayonnaise to make it spread a little better. Shrimp makes good sandwiches, too - basically anything you can do to canned tuna you can substitute the drained canned shrimp for.

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