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The Frog Eye Salad ingredients are pretty universal.


(So much of my stuff is still packed and in storage... having a hard time trying to find a place for things, especially since my mother won't get rid of anything she doesn't use anymore :blink: )


I found this recipe on the website, YumYum.com. There are a lot of great recipes there. YumYum.com




Frog Eye Salad Ingredients:

1 cSugar1 cMarshmallows, mini1 cnPineapple, crushed2 cnPineapple, Chunks3 cnMadarin Oranges16 ozAcini-de-pepe (a kind of pasta)1 tbOil1 ctWhipped topping3 qtWater1 tbLemon juice2 Eggs; beaten1 3/4 cPineapple juice2 1/2 tsSalt2 tbFlour1 cCoconut


Frog Eye Salad Instructions:

Add oil and 2 t.

salt to water and bring to a boil.

Add Acini-de-pepe to water and cook until done.

About 5 minutes.

Combine sugar, flour and one-half teaspoon of the salt.

Gradually stir in pineapple juice and eggs.

Cook over moderate heat, stirring until thickened.

Add lemon juice

Cool mixture to room temperature.

Drain Acini-de-pepe when done.


Drain again.

Combine egg mixture and acini-de-pepe.

Mix lightly but thoroughly.

Refrigerate overnight in airtight container.

Add remaining ingredients.

Mix lightly again.

Salad may be refrigerated for as long as a week in airtight container.

It also may be frozen, though freezing somewhat alters the texture.

Hope those who make it like it!

Hugs, Susie

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