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Thai Curry

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This recipe was passed down from my mother in law...it took a long time before I added the "secret" ingredients (nam pla) fish sauce....but that is what REALLY makes this dish yummy!


1 Tsp. olive oil

2 cans coconut milk (regular or light)

2 Tbsp. red or green curry (both spicy add more for more spice)

4 breasts chicken cut in small pieces (i like meatless...my mom uses dark meat)

1 chinese egg plant cut in small wedges (or zuccini if it is not in season)

1 can baby corn

1 can sliced bamboo shoots

1 lime (juice only)

6 lime leafs (you can only find these in gourmet or asian markets)

3 Tbsp. sugar

1/3 cup torn fresh basil

1/4 cup fish sauce (always use a good brand)


Put olive oil in large pan on med/high, add curry and stir for 1 min. until fragrent. Add 1 1/2 can of coconut milk and combine curry & milk...add chicken and stir until cooked. Add veggies and lime leaf, sugar and lime juice. Turn down heat a bit and simmer until veggies are tender. Add in bamboo shoots and baby corn, cook for 1 min. Add basil and 1/4 cup of fish sauce. Add the remaining 1/2 can of coconut milk for that creamy taste.

~serve immediately on top of jasmine rice...squeeze more lime on top if you like.





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