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Does anyone have any problems with their feet - mine tingle & hurt = I cannot stand for along periods - the bottoms of my feet are always sore -The veins and ateries around my ankels and tops of my feet are very purple when I am at home I have to wear cushsy socks or slippers - I have limited sclero, reynaurds sjorgens, pah pulm fibrosis -

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Does the Raynauds affect your feet? When you first get out of bed, do the arches of your feet ache? Mine ached like that until I would get up and walk around for a while, then they would be fine.


Occasionally now, I'll get a bad ache in my arch that makes walking nearly impossible, and then coincidentally will get a bout of phlebitis in the same leg a day or so later. It's happened about three times now, so I've contributed the painful arch as a symptom of the impending phlebitis.


If I doing a great deal of clean up (say junk day) or a good amount of lawn work (raking, etc.), at the end of the day, walking is impossible. My feet just won't carry me.


I think I've learned, everything in moderation.



It is what it is...........

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I too have a lot of foot pain at times my feet cramp up and my feet are always swollen, the bottom of my feet feel like I have been standing on a pile of stones, ,i also suffer from a lot of pain in my legs , and again it feels like I have been walking for a long time but I havent, I have warm baths it helps for a while but I find myself either in bed or soaking ........ :unsure: jaxsxxx

live life for today and not for tomorrow


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