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This isn't a recipe, but the topic comes under kitchen.


On wednesday, i have to make a coldsweet dessert for part of an exam for college. I got a list of ingredients that I can use, so I'm thinking of making a mousse.


I'm not sure what flavour though, i've already made a bailey's mousse, and I've made a white chocolate mousse.


The ingredients that I can use for the mousse are:

dark chocolate, milk choclate, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, baileys, grand marnier, peach schnapps, passionfruit liquoir, theres oranges, lemons, mangoes.. think thats everything.


I've been thinking maybe a two layered mousse.. cant decide what flavours though.


If anyone has any suggestions, please post :D

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My exam went ok, i ended up doing an orange and dark chocolate mousse(although it didn't really taste like orange) my teacher thought it was a bit flavourless but he liked the way I decorated the plate. I burnt my finger on caramel, it stuck to my finger so it was sore for a few days. so I got annoyed with that sauce I was trying to make, one of my friends said I could use hers. :)


Then he asked us to improve on it for the exam the next week, so I done the same dish again but I put in some grand marnier aswell just to flavour it a bit more. He said he prefered the first one I done, which is true because my second week I was just so tired I wasn't even bothered. And my decoration that week was just terrible, everythng just messed up on me! He still jumped me up 6 marks though. So I was happy.


I have a photo of my first weeks one, forgot my camera on the 2nd week, so I'll stick up a photo sometime soon.


Happy holiday!!

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