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Severe Constipation...yuck!

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So, this is one of those posts nobody likes to read, I'm sure. Very sorry.


I have always been very "regular", at times, maybe too regular. A few weeks ago, I noticed that I stopped going. It was only every few days, and was becoming VERY hard (to go & coming out.....sorry). Last week for the first time in my life, I had to sit there for almost 45 minutes before ANYTHING happened. And when it did, I felt like I was giving birth, NO JOKE! Sorry, again. So, it happened again today. After days of not going.

I am getting very worried about this, as I have read a few posts on the subject, however didn't pay too close of attention because I never experienced any of those problems. So, last week I started Metamucil & taking stool softeners, but like I said, that was a week ago...and today was another 45 minuter. :( It is very very painful, unusually painful. OUCH.

Any response would be great, please.


Everybody stay well,


Kelly B.

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Hey Kelly B.

I know the feeling.

Not to be gross but I feel it's so much effort for so little.. I call them rabbit poos. I had a rabbit once. Anyway try Miralax. It's over the counter. I take 1/2 the recommended dose with juice everyday and in about 3-4 days you should see good results. I know 3-4 days seems like a while but I know for me and a few others on the board Miralax does the trick.


You may also want to inquire about a GI doctor. Even if you don't have severe GI issues its a good idea to establish a baseline or head off problems before they start.


Drink lots of water,


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With this disease our symptoms or conditions are always in flux. What was once a problem may disappear and likewise a new problem appears. I would definitely find a GI doctor familiar with vascular/collagen disorders.


I have trouble with reflux and moving things through. I take reglan and it has been working well, but lately not as good as in the beginning. My doctor is taking steps to get me on a trial drug with good results.


All of this to say - go ahead and find a GI doctor. They could be very helpful with their knowledge. You can never have enough :blink: insight into Scleroderma.



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Hi Kelly, this is problem that I have experienced for quite a while.- I have tried laxatives, stool softeners and have always eaten lots of fruit and vegetables and drunk plenty of water but the problem still persisted. In the last few weeks though thinks have been much much better ( 'going' nearly every day) and I think this is is due to one thing- apples! We have an apple tree which this Autumn has provided tons of cooking apples (Bramley variety) and every evening ( because I just love them and they are not many calories!) I have eaten baked apple or stewed apple (big bowl full!). I think it could be due to the natural sugar in the fruit and the fact that you can eat a large quantity of fruit if it is stewed ( think in the US you may call stewed apple, apple sauce?) Don't know whether you like apples but it is certainly worth trying if you do, its natural, inexpensive and tastes nice ( I sound like I'm in the employ of the apple promotion board!).


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You don't mention any changes in drugs that you might be taking. Many pain medications are notorious for this. I find the usual suggestions to be helpful - fiber (bran cereal, fruit [like apples mentioned above], prune juice). Stool softener (colase?) might also be helpful.



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Hi Kelly,


Boy you just shared the story of my life - well since my diagnosis anyway. This is a daily concern and effort for me. Right now I'm on a 2 week stint of barely going. I normally take Miralax when I have a problem and within a few nights of taking that I'm fine. But I've been taking it and still no results. I ended up taking "Phillips" and said in the bathroom all morning yesterday with diarrhea, but can tell I'm still having problems. I would give Miralax a try. You can get it over the counter now.


Hope things start moving!!

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Reading your post was like looking in the mirror! You described me to a tee! My daughter is a pharmacist and she said my pain patch is "stopping" me up so she has me take a stool softener every night and it seems to work. You know you are "stopped" up when ..........excuse me in advance............but you actually plug up the stool because they are so hard. This is why I stay home!!!!!!!!!!! If this were to happen at someone else's home, I'd just die.


I'll have to try soduko (sp?). What I hate is the proverbial "did you die in there?" question coming from my husband.................


Stay warm!



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Lizzie's suggestion of an apple is just what my hubby does.... works like a charm!


Anyone who has ever taken Prednizone knows how it can affect a person. So, he's gotten into the habit of an apple every night before bedtime... healways gives me the first slice ;) !


If you like apples... you might like to give 'em a try!




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