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Need Help With New Symptoms

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I had been to UCSF last week and Dr. Patti asked me to repeat several tests while stopping Aciphex right away and Nifedipine 3 days before tests. In a couple of days I started nausea and vomiting along with very sleepiness and fatique. Today, I have severe numbness on my lips and I feel my mouth is trying to crush or getting smaller.


Any thoughts?

Kind regards,





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You seem to have so much going on. The only thing I have to offer is a hug and a hope that you might find answers.

There days where I'm awake and/or moving around the home for 4-6 hours. Sadly the days of increased lethargy and fatigue are increasing to weeks. I have nausea but it is from the IV cyclophosphamide. ugh. I don't like nausea at all. My doctor gave me a script for anti-nausea meds and I have tons. Perhaps something like that could provide some temporary relief?

hugs, peanut

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