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Fibromyalgia ?

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Hi Everyone. I hope all are doing well.


I was wondering if fibromyalgia kind of go hand and hand with this Sclero? I have had the same pain for about 3-4 months, just about contantly.


But I have other medical issues going on that I could contribute it too, so I kept thinking....it'll go away soon.


Well 3-4 months later (this time around that is), I can't stand it any more. I have an appointment my family physician tomorrow morning to see what he can do, if anything.


Is there any treatment that anyone is utilizing that works for them, that I might suggest to him? If so, please, please let me know.




Asthma 1998, Diabetes 2007, Morphea 2007, Fibromyalgia 2007.

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They have found that mild exercise can help with Fibro. Also, they are advertising a drug that works on it.



Before I had heart issues, I did try exercise, and I found that the endorphins could help. But be sure not to overdo it - that will only cause a bigger flare up!


The doctor can test you by touching your trigger points. These are different areas in your body that are very sensitive. If a certain number are positive (ie. hurt) then you will be diagnosed.


My doctor also prescribed sleeping pills, as those will fibro tend not to sleep well. They are very restless and don't get quality sleep.


Good luck at your appt,


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I was diagnosed with FM about 12-14 years ago...and more recently SS Limited CREST....don't know if they go hand-in-hand....but I had one before the other....way back when, in the beginning, I also experienced joint pain which the specialist told me was not an FM symptom...so he told me I had more than FM but couldn't tell what it was at that time.....as it turns out, looks like it was the underlying SS now?


Likely not a lot of help to your question? Ramona

Sending good wishes your way!

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Sue, I was just recently diagnosed with Fibro, and I also have Sclero. My doctor put me on Lyrica-50mg-three times a day. Exercise help too!!



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I had a thread about this about 3 weeks ago, go back in the archives and see. also there's a whole page on it in the info section..I have both too, and more...

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