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Hello every one can any one suggest any thing for a dry nose the inside of my nose is very dry and then this causes my nose to start bleeding I have been using which was helping but doesn't seem to be any more snd I really hate the nose bleeds as I ended up in the hospital last time Thanks Lynn xxx

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Hi Lynn,


You can purchase saline lubricating nose drops at most pharmacies over the counter. That should help the issue you are currently having. However, more importantly you may want to look at the cause - for instance, do you use wood heat and therefore need extra moisture in your home? During the winter months it's always a good idea to keep a humidifier, or vaporizer running. This may help.

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I hadn't realised how many people suffer with a dry nose, I use a saline nose spray to rinse (about 4times a day) and also something called mometasone which is an allergy nasal spray. I also have dry eyes and mouth so use drops for my eyes & sugar free gum for the mouth.


Take care



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I would add that you may want to acquire a hygrometer. It measures the humidity in the room. They are usually available where other weather gadgets (barometers, for instance) are sold. You will be able to monitor just how dry the room is - especially when rooms are heated (as Sweet mentioned).


A humidifier may also be helpful. They are usually available where kitchen appliances are sold, and inexpensive ones are available. You fill them with water. They blow air through the water, releasing it into the room. Can do wonders for getting through the night in a bedroom with dry, heated air.



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