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Anxiety Vs Blood Pressure Or ?

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My dear husband suffers from anxiety and takes clonazepam when required.

He has recently been complaining of being SOB, minimal exertion.

Also, has problems taking deep breaths.

How do you know if this is a new problem?

We take his blood pressure once a week, and dr. has said 135/85 consistently

would be high.

Several readings 142/87 or there abouts, but after deep breathing exercises or laying down, it gets better.

My question is how do you know if its increased anxiety, Blood pressure problems beginning or lung involvement (SOB)????

Very confusing

Thanks for any replies!


Oddone - Spouse - 38 yr old Husband diagnosed October 2006, Diffuse Systemic Scleroderma

Normal PFT(July 06), ECG(Nov/06)

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Hey Oddone,

I'm no medical professional but I think anxiety increases blood pressure and increasing BP causes more anxiety. My mom has high BP issues. She calls me freaking out that her BP won't go down and I tell her that freaking out only worsens the problem. I tell her to calm down, drink lots of water, exercise, avoid salt, eat veggies & fruit and it will go down in a few days. It usually does. If your dear husband is concerned about high BP it would be good to exercise regularly & make a few changes in diet.


I don't think BP affects shortness of breath only cause my mom doesn't have SOB. Untreated anxiety issues can cause fatigue, hyperventilation and SOB. If your dear husband has anxiety issues maybe try something calming like yoga or meditation. As far as if it's lung issues well the only want to know for sure is to get an appointment with a good pulmonologist.


deep calming breaths,


You can deprive the body but the soul needs chocolate

my HMO makes me wear a helmet...

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The only way to know is to see a doctor and get some tests done. SOB and increase in BP can be caused by many things, including anxiety. And of course, both of those can cause anxiety. Twice, I've had medical staff tell me that my SOB was due to anxiety and both times they've been wrong. So please have the dear husband see a doctor.


Big Hugs to you both,

Janey Willis

ISN Support Specialist

(Retired) ISN Assistant Webmaster

(Retired) ISN News Director

(Retired) ISN Technical Writer for Training Manuals

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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