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Seven Doctors Say No Problem, One Doctor Says No.

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The doctors are not sclero doctors, and have all asked me if I took a test showing if I ws allergic to cats, but it came up negative.

So six doctors in a row say its okay, including a rheumatologidt and last night a pulminologist told me to give them away, without explaining why.

What do I do? My health has got so bad recently from lung infections due to cellcept I almost died two weeks ago and was out in a self induced cooma and interbated with a breathing tube ....so am pretty desperate...but I think my will to live will be seriously diminished if I have to give them away.

Luckily, the first month will be a trial month, but I know it will be the longest month of my life. sad.gif

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Hi, Millerscrossing,

I have five cats who are like my children to me, so I know what you mean! I don't know what you can do if you are allergic to them, but I would certain make SURE that I WAS ALLERGIC before doing anything so drastic as giving them away!!!!!

I had an elderly friend whose cat scratched her pretty badly one night in the middle of the night. Who knows why? She must have moved in her sleep some way as to frighten him or something. Anyway, the doctor who took care of the wound, ordered her to get rid of the cat -- just like that. He personally didn't like cats and he just saw no reason to bave one around, especially one that could scratch you! This cat had never before done such a thing and he never did again. She ignored the doctor, as I would have!
However, if you actually do have an allergy to cats, and you are having serious respiratory problems because of it, you are going to figure out what to do. Perhaps the cats stayed in a different part of the house? Or maybe if you didn't sleep with them, if you do. I know this would be a difficult problem for me because my cats are all over the place and they go wherever they like! So, to try to keep them away from me so my allergy wouldn't flare up, would be hard!

But, as I said, I'd surely make certain the cats were the problem before I'd consider getting rid of them! If you took an allergy test and it came up negative for cats, it seems to me that's your answer. The pulmonologist probably does see a lot of allergies to cats -- it's not uncommon -- but that doesn't mean everyone is allergic to them! Six doctors are telling you otherwise, so maybe the pulmonologist is just plain wrong!

Good luck!

Mary in Texas

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Have you ever tried washing your cat?

I've heard if you do have an allergy washing your cat with really help. If you wanna try it I would think you might wanna go to the pet store and get special shampoo.

I tested neg for cat allergies but every time I'm around cats I get allergic. I wonder what their test specifically involves. It may be dander or hair, but what about their saliva? I've heard people can be allergic to that yet test neg for cat allergies.

We got a cat a month ago. She's wonderful. We got her from the shelter and we lucked out... she rarely if ever sheds. I think this is why I'm not super allergic to her. We brush her to get what little shed out and she likes to be brushed. We would be miserable without her.


You can deprive the body but the soul needs chocolate

my HMO makes me wear a helmet...

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Hi ,


I second what Mary says. I, too, am a pet lover and wouldn't dream of getting rid of my cats or dogs per some doctor's demands unless you were sure they are the problem. Even, then, I, myself, wouldn't get rid of them if they were mine!!! Besides, pets have been proven to be far more beneficial for people emotionally and physically.


Take care, Everyone.


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As most of the others have already stated - Just be sure it's the cats........


I also have five cats and without them my life would be so empty -


Little Story Here:


When my son was little, he had a friend that had Asthma, and saw an allergist on a regular basis - that allergist claims that you can be allergic to one cat and not the other - and my son's friend's Mother and I got to be friends - but here in Eastern, PA, USA there is a test they can actually do to determine if you are allergic to a certain cat - I remember very well where the Mother had to take a small clipping of the cat's hair to the doctor, and they did this test, and my son's friend was not allergic to the cat they had for many years........


Also one of the most important things with cat/dog allergies is to do your best to keep them out of your bedroom or from laying their head on anything where you might put your head........


I wish you the very best....Have you ever checked a container of cat litter from the store - it says right on the box, use with care with people with compromised immune systems - and I do take precautions for I wouldn't know what to do without my cats.......


I truly hope everything works out for you......

Take Care.........Hugs........Donna

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Thanks everyone... nothing seems to make sense, for a year before this got totally out of control with my health me and my wife actually had 15 cats and there was territorial spraying going on all the time.


Now that we have divorced, and I only have my two cats a brother and a sister who do not spray at all now,i should get ill because of them as opposed to the natural progression of the disease


Since it is pneumonia every time I com backin, i thimk its the cellcept giving free reighn to the lung infections to hammer away at my lunga, which would also ecplain the very quick recoveries I make - put me on the straight and

narrow with the right antibiotics


I will take up that great idea to have them shampooed at the pet store, BUT I won't Do IT MYSELF AS THAT will bring me into contact with their fur at possibly the worst time.


THey are short haired orientals anyway , so I never see them shed....


But the doctor who said no was so standoffish and could see how much his news was killing me and never cared to explain from where he was coming from......

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I agree with the others. Make sure it's the cats before you give them away. I've had at least one cat for almost 30 years and never any problems due to the cats; however, they do bring things in from outside and then there's the liter box. When you clean that out, make sure you are wearing a mask over your nose and mouth, or better yet, have someone else do it. Check the contents of the liter and make sure it doesn't contain silica, a cause of scleroderma. Some liters do contain it.

Your recent experience sounds a lot like mine about a year ago. I was on cyclophosphamide, got a cold, then pneumonia, then became septic and put on a respirator. I survived two serious infections, two weeks in the hospital and several weeks of recuperation. When I got out we changed the "cat rules". No cats on the bed, couches or chairs. The hubby deals with the liter box. I have small bath mats in their baskets that I wash once a week. I haven't bathed them, but I think that's a grand idea! One is too fat to clean himself and is in desperate need of a bath.

Just a side - I've been on cellcept since April with no problems. I was put on cellcept to help stabilize my lungs since it was obvious that I couldn't handle the cyclophosphamide. I'm sorry that you aren't doing well on it. Has your doctor taken you off the cellcept because of you current problems? I was taken off the cyclophosphamide immediately. I hope you see a turn around in your health very soon!!

Welcome to our forums!

Janey Willis

ISN Support Specialist

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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SIX doctors said OK and only one said the Blue Meanie spiel!? You're emotional health alone says keep your babies! I know what you're saying I have 11 kitty cats now (and can't believe it myself). I'd have been devastated if my dr said to me to get rid of them. \


I'm sorry you're having such horrible lung trouble. Is it possible to get another pulminologist? One that you like better and trust more?


Mine has me on Tracleer for the PAH. I don't know if it's possible for you to obtain that drug or if it would be right for you, but it's something to research as a possibility. The stuff is very expensive and it took a year for my dr to fight the ins company tooth and nail to approve it. But they eventually did. Stuff costs $4,000 for a one month supply. But it seems to keep my PAH in control. So I'm very grateful for it.


Good luck to you! I'll be thinking of you.

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