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6 Min Walk

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I had testing today to see a cardiologist tomorrow for a work-up to diagnose pulmonary hyptertension. When I sat in the wheelchair and she strapped on the heart monitor, my heart rate was 121. In their protocol, they do not perform the test if the resting heart rate is greater that 120. I really wanted to do the walk to show the doctor how much I am struggling. She tried to call them and ask them what they wanted to do, but she couldn't get a hold of anyone (:blink: ,shocking, isn't it). By that time my heart rate was 113, so we went ahead with the test. I walked 4 1/2 minutes and my heart rate was 171, so she had me stop.


All this to ask if anyone else has every "failed" the 6 minute walk?


Denelle B)

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I did. :D

My complication was due to lack of oxygen. With pulse 4 liters of oxygen my saturation rate dropped to like um.. low 70's. Not good. So she strapped me to 6 liters continuous and I remained within normal range. This showed the doctors that after 2 minutes my oxygen sats plummet and I require more oxygen with exercise, which the nurse said is typical for patients with Interstitial Lung Disease.




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Hi Denelle,

I too also failed the 6 minute Stress/Echo test, my resting heart rate was 120 and went up to the 170's in 5 minutes. They stopped the test as I was unable to go on, breathless and all.


My Cardiologist prescribed me Atenolol for Tachycardia, it has helped quite alot.

He wanted my resting heart rate in the 70's and after exercisiing about 120.

I probably need to increase my Atenolol as I am not quite at those levels yet, but at least I'm not in the 120's anymore.


I hope I have helped some and try not to worry.


Take care


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Hi Denelle,


I've been stopped in the middle of my 6 min. walk. But with me, it was to put me on O2. If you drop below 88 or so they will stop you. Sometimes they let me go to 86, just to see if I recover on my own.

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Warm and Happy to you! Vee

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