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Hi Everyone,


I just got back from the orthopedist for another cortisone shot in my shoulder. He said since this didn't help more than one month and medicine doesn't help , I should think about surgery to see if there is impengment. I have repeated tendinitis and a partial tear in both. I just can't sleep at night, even flat on my back is painful in the shoulder muscles.

This has been going on for a year. I have taken Mobic and lately the pain at night is extreme . IT KEEPS ME AWAKE> Strange too, if I put heat on it, it hurts worse.

I guess what I am asking is if anyone here has had continous tendinitis in shoulders and how you treated it. I just don't want surgery and I think it is due more to the MCTD than anything.

Looking for fresh ideas and help. Susie54

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Hi Susie,

I have not had shoulder pain to that extent, but I have had it. I did physical therapy where the lady used gentle electrodes. You have probably already done the physical therapy route, but if not it might be worth a try.


I still have the pain, but not nearly as bad.


Hope you feel better soon.




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Hi Susie,


Ouch! I go to a chiropractor for almost everything. For my shoulder pain she uses an ultrasound machine, it's wonderful. Have you tried accupuncture? Good luck,


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