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thank you all so very much for your words of concern. i have been so busy lately and haven't had the time to check in with you. my second grandchild was just born dec 4th and I've been taking care of my first grandchild while mom recovers.


my son went to children's. they think he has chronic itp with an autoimmune component. all lupus tests were negative, but ana was as low as you can be and still be positive. white count and red count are fine. his platelets are holding steady at 50,000, which is ok. the dr thinks that he is following my pattern. all my stuff started with nothing more than low platelets about 14 years ago. the other immune stuff took years to evolve. this could remain itp for him and require nothing more than monthly monitoring. that's what we're hoping for.


i feel guilty. my head knows that I'm in no way to blame, but my heart says otherwise. my son is a really, really good kid. he's tough. he knows that it is what it is and we step up to the plate and deal with whatever happens.


all in all things are ok. i'm tired, though. i lost my insurance and the stress from everything is making me feel like I'm going down into a physical spiral. i'm having rashes on my chest and my muscles are hurting pretty bad. and I'm noticing more and more red dots on my chest and neck. whew...take a deep breath, huh? lol


i just keep telling myself how blessed I am compared to a whole lot of people in the world. i'm really, really blessed. if this is all I can complain about, then life is pretty ok.


thanks again you all. you're the best.

hugs to all,


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Dear Sharon:


Yes, we are very blessed. Just look around. I like your positive attitude.

I understand how you can feel guilty about your son's condition. I just went through the same thing and I cried for a week. My son is 13 years old and he also is a very good kid. He was just diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. He is very much into sports and he's actually good at it. You can imagine how I felt with the diagnose. Since RA is also an auto immune condition, I felt that somehow I pass it to him. (It had to be my bad genes, right?) I don't feel like that anymore but now, everytime he tells me that something hurts, I jump.

I hope for your son the same thing I hope for mine, that whatever they are suffering from either goes away or just stay put without complications.

Stay strong.



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Sharon, thanks for letting us know about your son. I hope all goes well with him. Also congrats on the new grandchild. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your insurance that is awful especailly when you need it. Take care and know we are thinking of you and your family. Sam


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