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My Gi Appt.

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Nothing was really resolved at my GI appt. I told the Dr. my symptoms of feeling full with barely anything on stomach, coughing from reflux at night, chest tightness, etc.. He said that in a typical patient there is a surgery to fix the reflux but for most of us with Scleroderma we are already too weak for the procedure. Also, throw in having ILD, it's not a good idea to be knocked out.

So, it's what we already know...it's lifestyle changes. Tilting the bed, not eating near bedtime, blah blah blah. He said it's OK to take Reglan (in his opinion) short term but not all the time. I am switching to Nexium at night (and in the morning) and stopping the Zantac (300 mgs) at night to see if that helps.


I am going to have a Barium Swallow test next week. I do not know why it'll really matter what the results are....but I'm having it done. It sounds like there's not a lot you can do other than what I am already doing.


On a fun note, one of our sclero friends came to my house last night and stayed the night!! It was very neat to meet her. And, she is as cute as a button.




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After the Barium Swallow test be sure to drink lots & lots & lots of water to move it on through your system.

My Barium Swallow test didn't show much of a problem with me, but they can see how you are swallowing. The Manometry & 24hr PH caught problems that looked okay on the swallow test.

Good Luck sweetie,


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Tangie ... I know just what you're saying. I finally went in for the endoscopy after putting it off thru fear for 7 years (and it was no big whoop LOL) and come to find out that my esophagus and stomach are too raw and bleeding to do the stretching that I was hoping for. Also, my hip was broken a yr and a half ago and the osteoporosis makes it counter productive to replace the hip. They had to remove the pins they put in in the first place because they were just moving around in there and trashing the bone.


Sigh I HATE this disease!!! Makes life difficult. I wish they could just make it go away.


Rant over. LOL


Glad you had a nice night with a sclero buddy!! How fun!!


I wish you good luck!! o

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Hi Jen, I've been having problems with both ends of my gut relux one end, colic the other. Like you I'm waking coughing at night , driving me and long suffering husband mad. I saw the gastroenterologist today and asked if should up the dose of PPI, she thought that would be better for me to start taking metoclopramide ( Reglan) than up the dose of PPI- she didn't say anything about just using it short term though. I had barium swallow a few months ago - showed hiatus hernia , but did not show any swallowing problem - even though I do have problems eating certain foods ( toast , crusty bread , crackers, lettuce etc).


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I remember doing that test. It was awful!!!! Then they told me I had reflux and I saucily told them, "Thanks, I know, I didn't need this test to tell me that!" I'm sorry your GI was not forthcoming with more empathy and better suggestions.


This disease stinks!!!


Denelle in MN B)

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I have the same problem and am wonderng what this swallow test is supposted to show. I had the endoscopy and it showed a "chewed up like meat esophagus with hiatial hernia" and the beginning signs of barrett's syndrome.


I am the one who has to take the GI cocktail in the middle of the night when I have a severe flare up and my insides are burning up. I already have the bed up 7 degrees (my husband keeps slipping down to the middle of the bed each night but doesn't seem to mind....ha..ha...)


Anyway, I was put on Reglan last Thursday and boy did I have a toxic reaction so if you are just starting to take watch out for...............if you start feeling really anxious; can't sit still; have suicidal thoughts...........


I had to go into the ER to get a drug to combat it until it got out of my system and it was absolutely terrible.


I see a gastro when I see my rheumatologist dr on January 16, along with my oncolgoist so I was just wondering what this swallow test will show or not show so in case he says I should have it or whatever he says to do. All I know is I'm not sleeping well as I'm afraid to go to sleep at night in case I have another burning wake up session that is so terrible it's hard to describe.


Thanks and good luck to you.


Bless and warm hugs from Minnesota.



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Hi Tange,


I've been through the exact same thing with the exact same results with my GI doctor. I sleep in my recliner.


20mgs Omeprazole (Generic Prilosec/Prevacid) day and night works great for me.


I have to watch what I eat too. I discovered that certain decaf coffee messes with me too. Weird that it's only some brands. I had to give up my most convenient espresso stand for the fast food place in town. They have pretty good decaf for a fast food place and it doesn't give me that lump in my throat feeling.


Good luck with it all.


Take Care,



Take care,



Serena Justis

ISN Blogger

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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