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I went today to have a bone scan on my (bilateral feet and ankles) and also a bilateral ankle and foot xray. YOu may all remember that I have had terrible pain with my feet and cannot walk very far due to pain that I am having.


My rheumatologist mentioned to me a few days ago that If my scans showed any inflammation he would be able to inject my feet with cortisone and anaesthetic for relief.


My scan showed that everything is completely normal, I am so frustrated that it showed this as I am in pain and now have swelling in those areas. I know my rheumatologist will look at the results and say "well, there is nothing I can do, everything is normal". I am not due to see my rheumatologist for a couple of months now and he has prescribed me Endone, which I am very reluctant to take due to the side effects.


The pain I am now experiencing feels like severe muscle fatigue as though I have run a marathon even though I am walking a few steps. I also have had for the last twelve months now soreness/stiffness in the achilles on both feet.


Your comments will be appreciated


Many thanks

Celia :(

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