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Thought I Better Check Inn.

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Went to the doctor yesterday, he told me I have URI. Gave me a Zpac, I have so much stuff coming up from my chest. I have no energy at all. I'm trying to sit up for awhile my back is hurting from laying down most of the day.


We didn't do anything for the New Years Eve, sat home and I had watched a film and my dear Hubby had his uncle over playing a video game.


We were supose to get some snow last night but we didn't we are getting snow now. I hope we dont get too much. Well you all have a geat rest of a day. I am going to lay down. Sam


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HI Sam, Thanks for checking in. I am so glad you went in to the doctors office. Lets hope that the zpac does the trick! Hang in there and keep up the rest routine.


We are supposed to get a good bit of snow Wednesday but it is so cold and gray outside it wouldnt surprise me if it came in today!




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