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Did anyone catch the show Intervention on A & E this week entitled "Brooke"? It was about a girl diagnosed with RA who was surviving through the pain on meds & her family felt she was abusing & addicted. This show made me cry & cry. I've been in "Brooke's" shoes & skin in the past & could not believe how her family felt it was something she could "control" - the pain management. The family was completely unfeeling of what caused this young woman (26 I think) to need the pain meds and were very critical - I really think their thinking was abusive. I don't know anyone who has chronic illness & visits this boards who hasn't encountered some kind of severe pain and who needed pain drugs to get through the day or who doesn't empathize with someone who is going through it. We need to get the public and families educated that pain needs meds and it doesn't really matter if someone relies on pain meds to make it through the day ... they should be grateful the person is trying to make a life through the pain. I can't tell you how much this show hit home for me - the tears just kept flowing with each new sequence in the story. My heart goes out to all of us & to those who don't have the support, love & kindness of family and friends going through the pain of our disease. I hope you all know I'm here for you even if I'm not posting! You are always in my heart & mind!

Soft hugs your way,



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Hi Michele,

Pain meds are such a delicate thing. We need them and sometimes we need lots of them. Unfortunately pain meds are addicting and can control our lives if we let them. I didn't see the show so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about but I do know that it's all about control. We have power to choose what goes in and out of our bodies. It's when we lose the power to chose that addiction takes control.


I don't know what is sadder... to suffer tremendous pain and not knowing why or what can be done, or trading ease of pain for addiction.


I hope for all of us we never have to reach either place.


hope and hugs, peanut

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I hear and feel every word you are saying. Meds are an important part of any disease, but "family" is just as important as meds. Unfortunately, a lot of families do not, will not and cannot support any acknowledgment of our diseases. Simply, they cannot and do not know how to deal with it. We, possessing the illness, have no choice.


I firmly believe that meds, in conjunction with family participation, is the script needed to control and adaption to the given illness.


From what I get on this program, the family was not "pro" on the meds, but was not "pro" on the acceptance as well.


Time to move on when relatives are non supportive. Time to look towards friends who help both mentally and physically and web sites such as this one.


This is probably the only website that I have ever come across that provides information, a forum, a chat board, etc. Everything all in one place and everything an owner of this disease can use as an informative board, venting, advising, etc.



It is what it is...........

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