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Hello Everyone,


I managed to get the results of my ankle x-rays, feet and bone scan of my feet, ankle etc.


Just to remind everyone that I have had chronic pain in my Achilles tendons - bilateral and feet area for the last twelve months now. Actually my sore/stiff achilles in both feet were the reason that I saw my G.P in the first place twelve months ago, before I was diagnosed with Scleroderma. They are so bad now that I have to take strong painkillers just to go out any where. The stiffness has now progressed to both calves,and I now have mild to moderate swelling in both feet.


The report reads: ANKLE AND BOTH FEET

There is a 5mm bony spur related to the let lateral malleolus, of doubtful significance. The bones and joins otherwise appear normal.



Evidence of right sided Acilles tendon enthesopathy, left plantar insertion enthesopathy and mild right ankle joint arthropathy.


I am not due to see my rheumatologist for a month, and am not sure whether this is Scleroderma or Fibromyalgia related. Does anyone of you have this, or can someone please set me up with a link?. :unsure:


Take care everyone and I hope that you are all painfree.



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Hi Ced, That sounds pretty painful. I did a quick research on some of your doctors findings and this is what I came up with. From what I read there seems to be a connection between your pain and scleroderma. Follow this link for some more info: Muscle and Joint Involvement


I hope you find relief soon!




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Glad you're finally getting some answers. I wouldn't think the bone spurs have anything to do with the illness necessarily, I know many with bone spurs that do not have an auto immune disease. The other however may be related. Here is a link on Acilles tendon enthesopathy,


Hope this helps and that you start getting some relief!

Warm and gentle hugs,



ISN Support Specialist

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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