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Paranoia And Sclroderma - A Unique Concoction?

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THis diasese!!!! I tell u - it really is a pain!!


Getting diagnosed (which for me two rhemies are thinking different auto immune) is hard enough, then once diagnosed we are told that sclero can affect more or less any part of the body internally externally, slowly, rapidly, one part, many parts - the mind boggles - and unfortunately given the scope of chaos scleroderma brings in its wake, any unusual symptoms we displsy we are constantly asking ourselves two questions.


1. Am I felling this pain, seeing this change , or am I just imagining it........

2. And if I am not imagining it, is it sclero induced or some other cause......


So for me I will use my last symtom as an example, excruciating pain in my hannds for 5 minutes where my thum s kept on getting pulled inwards. Well at least question 1 was ansewered - this was no imagination........One hand was spreadeagled over the other to try and stop the spasms.


But the second question, sclero or too much typing???Well thanks to a reply on a different thread, there is some connectionbetween sclero reynolds and spasms, but it has only happened to me once......


So not only is scleroderma chronic and progressive, it is manipulative - How I would love to grab hold of the gene responsible and give it a good kicking!!!!!



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I get those spasms as welll and they are quite painful...and scary. My thumb pulls inward and I have to take the other hand and force it back into position. I worrry that one day it won't go back. I am a dialysis patient and when it happens to me it is usually after a treatment. I assume it is a lowering of potassium in my blood that causes it. I hope it doesn't happen to you too often.

ISN Artist

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I believe I can say with conviction, that questioning... has happened to all of us, at one time or another... at the very least.

Not unlike you , I too, questioned the symptoms... ALOT. It took 4 years for my diagnoses. My husband was the one who told me I wasn't a hypochondriac... because I started thinking I WAS... until all came to light.


As to the spasms/cramps... those of us with chronic illnesses demonstrate a plethera of symptoms, more on a fulltime basis, than we did prior... as healthier people.


Cold, diet, hydration can also influence how our bodies tend to respond... I have no doubt.


At any rate, I hope that these spasms subside for you... they are miserable :o



Hugs, Susie

Special Hugs,


Susie Kraft

ISN Support Specialist

ISN Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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