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Night Blindness

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Hi does any one suffer from night blindness these last few months I have been getting this I can turn the light of and be ok then all of a sudden every thing goes jet black and I cannot see I thing some times it doesn't happen and some times straight away it is very strange I cannot see the window frame doors well just nothing and it can take up o 10 minutes to go back to normal Lynn

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Hi Lynn,


I began having problems driving at dusk some years back, and then it worsened with certain meds. Have you started any medications recently, even a few months before this started? If so, talk to your doctor about that. The visual changes, especially the annoying amount of floaters turning up seem to be part of the changes in my body, and my eye doctor has said that otherwise my eyes are healthy, so you may want to consult an opthamologist to be safe. I hope that things will improve for you!


Best wishes,


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