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Adrenal Adenoma

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Maybe someone can help me with this.

About 8 months ago I went to have my always schedulge CT Scan. Amongst other things, it showed a small adrenal adenoma right above the left kidney. I was then sent to an endocrinologist who told me not to worry about it for now but that I needed a new CT scan in Nov. to see if the thing grows. I had the scan done last week and as it turns out, it grew.

Now, my general doctor call me to give me the news and she says she need to see me to talk about the scan in general. Of course she doesn't have any appointments available until the end of february and even though she has daily emergency appointments available, I'm not able to get in to see her. I'm supposed to wait until Friday, If I can't see her by then, she will try to get me in.

I reseached Adrenal Adenoma Incidental and it says that a great number of people has this and they never even know about it.

I couldn't find anything about the mass growing and what are the implications. Should I drive myself crazy until I see my doctor? I just couldn't find any answers.

If anyone has thhis same problem, could you please explain?




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Hi Ani,

I had a neighbor who had one of these. She was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and for years was almost bed ridden. By accident this was discovered and removed. The last time I saw her she said she's feeling better than ever now and attributes it to the removal.

Hugs, Piper

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Never heard of the thing before you mentioned it and don't know nuthin' LOL. Good luck with it! Don't leap to horrible conclusions and worry yourself to death over it ... put it on the back burner until you see the doctor and can learn what it means specifically for you! With SD it's good to learn the Back Burner Skill ... they're always giving us edgy news and saying 'see you in 6 weeks and then I'll let you know!' LOL

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