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A special investigative report is scheduled to air tonight and tomorrow night on the CBS Evening News regarding the disability backlog.


More than 750, 000 Americans are suffering through interminable waits due to severe personnel shortages at all levels of the Social Security Administration-and particularly at the Administrative Law Judge Hearing Offices.


Here in Atlanta, we presently have the longest waiting time in the country-presently two to three years. My attorney, John Hogan, who used to be on staff for Social Security, will be on the program as well as some of his clients. He helps to document the reasons for the terrible delays as well as the hardships that SSDI claimants endure before they get their day in court.


Hopefully, this CBS report will get the proper attention to this crisis so that something positive can be done about the system the head of Social Security's Advisory Board called a "train wreck"

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