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Exercise Stress Test

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I have just come back from the test.


I found it quite hard because got out of breath very quickly but doctor said it was oK but she wanted another echo cardiogram doing & would see me again beginning of March. She did say that the shortness of breath may be a lung or bronchial problem. So I back to waiting again.


I do have asthma but it was not the same, but have been getting fairly sharp pains just below my right shoulder blade for about three weeks now, in fact I'm feeling it now & am sat with an electric heat pad behind me to try to ease it. Funnily enough I that area has been itching like mad recently & had to get hubby to put cream on it for me to try to soothe it.


Could it be linked?


My hands/arms have also been very itchy recently & drives me mad at times.

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Jensue, thanks for letting us know. I too have been having problem with pain in the same area.. I go for my MRI on the 25. Well take care, Sam


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