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Bad Itchy Skin

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When I get itchy skin it drives me nuts. I take atarax ( hydroxyzine). Like Sheryl said it does have a sedative effect , so I only take it at night and it does help the next day. I could never take it during the day. I would be a zombie.


Hope you find something to help.


Nina Lynn

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Hi Jackie,


I am still having that problem with my skin itching all over, especially after I take a bath. I have been currently using an antihistamine and it only help a little.Since I have connective tissue disease, lupus, scleroderma and vitiligo, I cannot use anything that will off-set one or more disease. I hope your doctor can recommend something for you, I am sure there are other medications you can use. Good luck and hang in there.





Leslie R

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Hello All


My major itching came on prior to diagnosis so I suffered for a few months.


I found that hydroxyzine (atarax) excellent in combination with low dose prednisilone to the point that the itching practically abated. However I weaned out the steroid and use ranitidine instead. Yes I know it's Zantac but a side effect

of it is that it helps with itching. It's not as effective as the steroid but less side effects.


I wash with a skin cream only and use another for topical application. Occasionally I use a steroid ointment rather than cream as the ointment stays on longer.


Itching is a symptom that can drive you to distraction.


Take care.



Amanda Thorpe

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