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Last September I was diagnosed with morphea. I have read so much on doctors misdiagnoses. I had a biopsy that indicated my collegen build up was consistent with morphea. My question is, how did your skin part of your scleroderma start? I have been told morphea is separate plaques here and there, and scleroderma skin starts like at the finger tips and progresses down the whole arm.

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My 7 year old was diagnosed with linear morphea/localized scleroderma about

2 1/2 years ago. Hers started out with some small unusual spots/patches on her left shoulder --it looked like she had had a sunburn that had turned into a dark tan on her very fair skin. On her 5th birthday (about a month after the spots first appeared) the discoloration shot down her entire left arm and hand overnight, taking on a bruised appearance. Morphea can appear as scattered oval patches or spots, or be linear, as is my daughter's. The discoloration has not gone away and her morphea has not spread, but her left arm has lost a lot of the fat all of the way down. Hope this helps.



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