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My rheumatologist gave me nitro glcerin cream to rub in between my fingers, near the ulcer, around knuckles the feel like one is developing, and on my wrists.


She also told me to apply neosporin to the ulcers. Has anyone done that? Does it work?


Has anyone used nitro cream? if so how many times a day did you apply?


I asked about viagra and the Dr. said the insurance company will be more likely to appprove if we show we tried the traditional medicine first.





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Hi Lori,Yes I use the nitroglycerine cream when I have an ulcer and it helps me.i put it on 3 times a day for 20 minutes each time.i was never told to use the neosporin so I dont know if that helps or not.i had a really bad one last year and it still took some time but it did work .good luck...memeto2(melissa)

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